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Dyslexia Information and Facts

Dyslexia is a reading disability, sometimes called word blindness and mainly affects reading and spelling. A person diagnosed with dyslexia would medically have the condition of being a dyslexic. The websites listed in this section of the ABLEize disability directory are designed to offer you information, support contacts and details of local groups and social activities for people with dyslexia as well as offering educational resources for teachers as well as parents with children with dyslexia.

The affects of having dyslexia vary from person to person and although it is a lifetime condition it in no way means that having dyslexia makes a person less intelligent,  it can however make learning difficult it not addressed for or catered for properly especially in school.  Conditions such as dyspraxia, dyscalculia and attention deficit can appear similar to dyslexia to many people.

Famous people with dyslexia include Richard Branson, Tom Cruise, Walt Disney and Leonardo da Vinci and the genius himself Albert Einstein.

Please browse through the sites below and click the title of any of the sites to enter their individual dyslexia resource for more information, online tests, local groups and contact details.

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Based in Plymouth, Devon and providing dyslexia screening assessments, services and advice to adult and children within all areas of Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

A site dedicated to encouraging the artistic qualities of children with dyslexia to discover their potential within the arts.

The BDA is considered the voice of dyslexic people. Their aim is to influence government and other institutions to promote a dyslexia friendly society. Site includes an ‘All About Dyslexia’ section, FAQ and news and newsletters.

A national charity and UK leading provider of services and support for people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties. Specialists in assessment and tuition, and the largest supplier of teacher training in this field. Services are available from 26 centres around the country.

Helping dyslexic people in the areas of Bexley Bromley Greenwich and Lewisham. Includes future events details and an advice line.

An active group of teachers and parents organising regular meetings to offer information and support in all areas of dyslexia. Site provides newsletters, frequently asked questions and a range of useful related links.

Based within Oxford University providing research services and facilities with donation details and information about their findings.

Providing information, educational resources and details of a national helpline for people with dyslexia in Scotland.

Offers a variety of information and facts concerning dyslexia. Includes online tests, related links and shopping.

Located in Farnham, Surrey providing courses and workshops to assist adults and children with dyslexia as well as providing support and assessments.

A centre for assessment, support and research of all matters surrounding dyslexia located in Bangor University, Wales. Read publications along with details of students support, news and information about the University courses.

An introduction to dyslexia with video clips, frequently asked questions and a range of useful related website links.

Somerset based school that s pecialises in the eduactional and social needs of boys and girls aged 8 to 19 affected by dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. Site provides admission details and parents information.

A trust founded by the Department of Education providing information and resources for schools and parents to assist the educational needs of children with dyslexia. Includes publications and contact details along with events information.