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Dyspraxia Information and Support

Many people have asked what is dyspraxia so we will attempts to offer you a brief description of the condition but we are not experts in this individual field, merely a group of disabled mortals gathering information to assist you find answers and assistance where needed, we suggest that you enter any of the official websites listed below for greater details. Dyspraxia is also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder and can affect any or all areas of development, emotional, physical as well as language and social behaviour. Dyspraxia may impair learning, however, associated with this may be problems of language, perception and thought.

Dyspraxia affects people in different ways and at different stages of its development, how a person is affected is inconsistent, making dyspraxia very unpredictable from one person to another. Sites listed here offer official and unofficial diagnosis details, treatment information plus highlights the causes of dyspraxia with advice.

Because of the limited sites offering information and support for dyspraxia we have combined this information category with details of support groups and support websites to offer you more information and choice, please browse through the sites below to find your area of interest clicking the website title that grabs your eye to enter individual websites for greater information and contacts.

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Providing a personal video introduction and diary of one person’s life with dyspraxia. Includes a number of readers answers and opinions from around the globe.

An online discussion forum with information, tips and general dyspraxic chat as well as readers stories, debates and more. Registration required to leave messages and reply to others.

A surprising list of famous people with dyspraxia including, actor Daniel Radcliffe and TV chef Jamie Oliver. See the full list with details via this website.

Official dyspraxia information and resources from the NHS highlighting symptoms, diagnosis and available treatments. Advises on when to seek medical advice and includes diagnosing DCD in children.

A comprehensive article covering the different signs of dyspraxia with images and full descriptions of each sign from