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Epilepsy Information and Facts

Epilepsy (also called a seizure disorder) is a common but chronic neurological disorder with recurrent unprovoked seizures. Epileptic seizures are reported to be signs and symptoms caused by abnormal activity in the brain and it not related to just one condition, epilepsies as they are know is a group of varying conditions that form epilepsy.

Epileptic seizures develop due to a sudden increase in electrical activity in the brain these are commonly know as being focal onset, generalised onset or unknown onset. The sites listed below offer greater details of epileptic seizures.

It is estimated that around 50 million people around the world have epilepsy and that the condition can develop at any age and at any time of life. It is a common condition that affects approximately one in 103 people.  Epilepsy is controlled by drugs but not cured although surgery may be considered in some cases. Sites listed here offer official information advice and facts plus diagnosis details, symptoms, causes and available treatments.

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Information provided by the DVLA along with details of fines for failing to notify them if you are driving a motor vehicle if you have had an epileptic attack, seizure, fits or blackouts.


Dedicated to providing epilepsy support throughout Ireland along with publications, research details and events. Also includes details on seizures, diagnosis and treatment information.

The only UK national charity that is dedicated to epilepsy research. Provides details of the condition along with support, research updates and newsletters.

Provides online information, news and publications with an A to Z of epilepsy and advice to those recently diagnosed.


Personal site of a person with epilepsy offering advice and guidance along with support and details of her life-story.

Provides valuable advice of not only what to do during an epileptic seizure but also seizure aftercare. Information provided by St Elizabeth’s school and children’s home.

Provides a detailed explanation of epilepsy for the benefit of children and parents. Explains what happens during a seizure, the signs and symptoms and what causes them. Includes details of what to do if your child experiences an epileptic fit.

Providing UK and Ireland working groups and campaigns along with promoting equal opportunity to people suffering with epilepsy. Site highlights their mission statement with online resources and membership details.

Offering NHS diagnosis, sympyoms and treatment details. Includes a video clip and prevention tips on avoiding seizures.

Providing information, support and details of news and events for young people suffering with epilepsy as well as a helpline service open Monday to Friday. Includes parents and carers resources.