Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Learning Disability Resources

A learning disability affects the way a person comprehends information and how they are able to communicate to others.  A learning disability is not the same as having a learning difficulty, those with a learning difficulty have issues with learning and have a normal IQ.  Example Down’s syndrome is recognised as being a learning disability, whereas dyslexia is very much recognised as a learning difficulty.

A learning disability can be different from person to person and can vary from being mild, moderate to severe and in all cases last for the persons life. Those that have severe learning disability or profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD), will more than often require greater levels of care and support such as help with mobility, personal care and communication.  People with a moderate learning disability often need some support but often at a lower degree. So it really is different from person to person.

This section provides a directory base for a number of learning disability resources and contains related links directly below to specific learning disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome as mentioned above. Also see a general collection of LD sites that cover a broader selection of learning disabilities listed below.

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Working on improving the lives of those with a learning disability in the UK. Includes conference details, human rights information and a range of services offered.

Comprehensive listings of UK learning disability services. Includes search options and upcoming LD related events as well as books and DVD’s.

Offering support for adults in the UK that have a broad range of learning disabilities, including autism and mental health issues.

Works at improving the services for people with learning disabilities and offers informative publications, employment details and newsletters.

Provides a selection of education and information resources for people working with adults and children with learning disabilities. Includes training courses, events and social care information.

The UK’s and Ireland’s leading organisation supporting people with learning difficulties. Offers newsletters, campaign details and a range of services.

Supporting and assisting learning disabled people in Kent. Site includes education details, news, message board and related LD links.

NHS Choices offers an explanation of the definition of “learning disability” and attempts to highlight the difference between learning disability and learning difficulty. Site also offers a range of support links.