Sunday, December 17, 2017

Limbless and Amputee

Find information and services in the UK for limbless and amputees of all ages that have had one or more limbs removed by trauma, accident or health related surgery. The information sites and services listed here also include details of phantom pain often associated to the loss of a limb, skin problems through wearing an artificial limb and a selection of related limbless and amputee information and services.

Please browse through the sites below along with the related links including orthotics and insoles and amputee support sites offering further information, localised contacts and professional support services.

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Amputee and Me

An above-the-knee amputee sharing her experiences so that others might find the pathway an easier route and overcome some of of the concerns that arise in your heart and mind. Advice on Travel, daily living, aids, as well as amputation.

Sep 12, 2017