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Multiple System Atrophy information

Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a rare disorder caused by cell loss in areas of the brain. The symptoms are often the loss of balance and movement and the loss of some functions such as the bladder, low blood pressure and breathing problems. MSA affects both males and females and normally begins between the ages of 50-60 years. Multiple system atrophy (MSA), also known sometimes refered to as Shy–Drager syndrome due to slow mobility and muscle stiffness.

Find sites here offering further information, treatment details and advice in all areas of multiple system atrophy with details of support, products and aids that may assist with the management of the condition.

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A charity offering support for people living with Multiple System Atrophy. Includes MSA resources and the condition explained with details of the charity and how to make contact. Includes donation details.

An informative and personal blog highlighting the highs and lows of living with multiple system atrophy with donation details and a number of posts of interest.

Official information and facts about MSA from the NHS highlighting the symptoms, causes, diagnoses and treatments. Includes links to help and support.

A site offering an explanation of MSA with treatment details, facts sheets, advice and UK related links. Includes details and news of ongoing multiple system atrophy research.

Offers articles, information and facts about multiple system atrophy aimed at the medical professional with the symptoms explained and diagnosis details along with the prognoses of the condition.

Information about the prognosis, diagnosis and and overview of multiple system atrophy written by UK doctors and aimed at the medical professionals.