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Osteoporosis Resources

Osteoporosis manifests itself when the amount of bone tissue in the body is below what is normal for a person, taking into account their sex and age. Osteoporotic bones are weaker due to a loss of density contain abnormal tissue structure that can result in the bones breaking or fractures.  As bones become less dense, they weaken and are more likely to break especially in vulnerable areas like hips, the spine or wrist often accruing after a fall.

Osteoporosis on its own does not cause symptoms unless it is caused by a bone fracture, osteoporosis is not a painful condition on its own but of course any breakage and fracture of the bones can be.  It is reported that post-menopausal women are most prone to developing osteoporosis and while there is no guarantee that you wont get it, you can reduce the risk by maximising bone strength at an early age.

Find a number of Internet based osteoporosis resources listed in this area of ABLEize offering details of the symptoms of osteoporosis, the causes plus diagnosis and treatment information as well as updated research news and publications.

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Offers a number of useful information and facts about osteoporosis including how its treated, how to look after your bones, risks and details of recommended exercises.

University of Oxford science blog highlighting the benefits of alendronate from clinical researcher Professor Daniel Prieto-Alhambra. Read details of the drug and how using the Danish prescription registry help answer FAQ’s.

A comprehensive look at osteoporosis from the Guardian online newspaper with tratment details and up to date research news.

An introduction to osteoporosis with facts, prevention details, diagnosis and causes of this condition that weakens bones. Supplied by the NHS.

A number of information blog posts covering all aspects of osteoporosis. Includes protecting your spine, spinal compression fractures, back pain and more.

Straight talking facts, advice and information about osteoporosis with a host of facts, treatment details and medication suggestions.

Explains the risks of osteoporosis, how common it is along with the symptoms and how it is diagnosed. Includes details of how to help prevent osteoporosis.

Provides an online osteoporosis group and advice and helpline with a discussion forum and a range of useful information including research and information about how to get involved in any fundraising or apply for membership.