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Tourette Syndrome

Tourette’s syndrome more commonly known as Tourette’s disorder or simply Tourette’s or (TS) is an inherited neurological disorder that is gained in childhood, signs of Tourette’s are usually sudden movements with words or sounds that are categorised as ‘tics’. The condition itself does not result in a disability or impairment and often requires no medication unless it is considered severe and interfere with the person life and everyday activities.

It is a common misconception that tourette’s syndrome is defined by uncontrollable swearing, in fact it is reported that only 10% of people with tourette’s have this symptom, most have milder tics such as shoulder-shrugging, rapid blinking and throat-clearing. Famous people with Tourette’s include Dan Ayktoyd, Mozart, Samuel Johnson, David, Beckham and Howard Hughes.

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Offers tourette syndrome information and advice plus medication details and related facts.

An informative site that explains Tourettes, what it is and what causes it. Also includes video clips and related links. Includes a section about controlling tics.

Providing informative downloadable fact sheets about Tourette’s syndrome offering a number of answers and questions with information supplied by the National Institute Of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Providing non mocking humour, facts, information and resources along with Tourette’s related events in the UK.

A UK Charity working to improve the lives of people with to tourettes syndrome. Site provides details of their help and support groups, available grants and future events taking place along with helpline contacts.