Monday, November 19, 2018

Autistic and Autism Support

Find autism or asperger syndrome support and self help groups offering advice, help and assistance as well as local events and meetings in the area of autistic spectrum within the UK listed in this busy Ableize section. Please also see our comprehensive list of disabled clubs and groups for details of your county and the services and activities available many of which includes autism support services.

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Offers autism information, support and articles along with a messageboard and related autism links.

A site that helps with the understanding of the biomedical causes of autism spectrum. Includes research details from scientists at Cambridge University.

A Solihull autism support group with details of local resources and events plus contacts for support.

View online autism guides, leaflets and newsletters with details of family support. Includes a helpline.

An information directory of facts, symptom details, treatments and help and support links.

A registered charity providing information and support for families of children on the autistic spectrum in Bradford. Highlights the support levels offered with details of local activities, newsletters and contacts.

A parent led support group offering autism support and advice in Derbyshire. Includes contact details.

Details of autism supports groups, helplines and advice centres throughout Kent.

Providing a range of support, information and advice with details of meetings in the Lewisham SE13 area.

The leading nationwide charity highlighting their support and advice services along with campaigns for and on behalf of people with autism, their family and carers.

Provides support services to families and children affected by autism and Asperger’s in and around Portsmouth. Site offers online membership details with information about future events and how to make contact.

A local support group for parents and carers of people with autism and asperger’s syndrome in the Taunton, Devon area.

A Yorkshire based voluntary self-help group with details of meetings and events in the area plus autism facts and related web links.

Autism support with details of related events taking place throughout Scotland.

A small independent charity offering a free home based service where we teach practical skills to children with autism. Includes getting dressed and toileting to brushing teeth and going to bed as well as most things in between.