Thursday, February 22, 2018

Support for Disabled Ex-Service Men and Women

This busy and popular section of Ableize highlights a range of services offered by support groups offering advice, information and support to disabled ex servicemen and women in the UK.  Includes pension, employment and funding details for all disabled ex service personnel including the limbless that may have lost one or more limbs, wheelchair users and blind ex servicemen and women.

This section also includes details of nursing and rehabilitation for recovering injured servicemen and women and provides social networking links as well as direct links to individual websites offering support and assistance. Please browse the sites below and helped spread the word about this important category so that more support can be given to the sites and services listed here.

25,000,000 Unique Hits and Counting

Based in Llandudno, Wales, Sheffield and Brighton and providing care and support to ex-service personnel.

A charity that supports servicemen and ex-servicemen and women who have become disabled or lost a limb. Includes pension details, training and wheelchair assistance.

The largest support group and charity in the UK assisting injured servicemen and women. Site provides details of the services offered along with personal stories and details of how to get involved or donate.

A group founded to assist serving and ex-serving members of the Armed Forces reserves as well as their carers and dependents affected anyway by multiple sclerosis (MS) Site provides a dedicated 24/7 helpline along with advice about disability benefits, medical discharge issues and general multiple sclerosis resources.

Provides a range of financial and practical help to anyone who is serving or has served in the RAF includes the disabled, limbless and blind ex RAF members.

A non profit making group ensuring that pensions are made available to ex servicemen and women that are entitles.

Assisting the disabled ex-servicemen and women in the UK. Offers events and pension details and how to make contact.

West Sussex hospital providing high levels of nursing and rehabilitation for disabled ex-servicemen and women. Read publications, news and details of regular events.

Founded in 1921 and supporting all ex servicemen and woman by offering a range of benefits, activities, financial support and advice.