Monday, September 24, 2018

Dyslexia Helplines and Support Groups

The ABLEize guys and gals have been busy and working overtime to find a whole host of up-to-date dyslexia support groups throughout the UK offering a range of information, tuition services and support group activities for parents and children.

Browse through the sites listed in this section to find National as well as local dyslexia support groups, information and advice sites and dyslexia telephone helplines in your area providing help to sufferers, their family or carers. You may also want to look in our regional groups and clubs section located here to check to see if there are any other services in your area.

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Based in Plymouth, Devon. Offers dyslexia screening, advice and assessments. Site explains dyslexia and how to get assessed.

A national organisation for adults with dyslexia offering support and advice, project details and research information.

Organises monthly meetings and social events plus offers a broad range of online information about dyslexia.

Highlights regular meetings offering support and tuition as well as online news with an overview of dyslexia including frequently asked questions and useful resources. Includes contact details for support and information.

View the support group meeting details, helpline contact and a range of online information.

Helping dyslexic people in the areas of Bexley Bromley Greenwich and Lewisham. Includes future events details and an advice line.

An active group of teachers and parents organising regular meetings to offer information and support in all areas of dyslexia. Site provides newsletters, frequently asked questions and a range of useful related links.

Offers a large archive of information plus helpline contacts and a discussion forum.

Site offers FAQ about dyslexia with details of support, training and includes newsletters and details of local events.

Runs a Kent based support group for anyone with an interest in dyslexia and provides a telephone helpline.

West Yorkshire based charity offering a support helpline, details of meetings and provides a broad range of dyslexia information.

Providing details of local support groups and meetings in Northamptonshire as well as offering a range of online resources and links of interest. Highlights local events and offers a telephone helpline.

Providing support, training and social activities in Oxfordshire including details of weekend tuition services. Site provides a range of online resources, useful links, newsletters and membership details.

Provides a free helpline service and a range of online information, advice and resources.

Check the site out for details of meetings and support groups plus a helpline telephone service.

Provides help and support for dyslexics, their carers and families. Offers an explaination of dyslexia with helpine contacts and details of social events and meetings.

The BDA is considered the voice of dyslexic people. Their aim is to influence government and other institutions to promote a dyslexia friendly society. Site includes an ‘All About Dyslexia’ section, FAQ and news and newsletters.