Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mental Health Advice and Support

ABLEize provides details of mental health support groups and telephone and Internet services offering advice, support and crisis help as well as offering a range of information and self help services. Mental health covers a broad spectrum of conditions, disorders and psychological conditions relating to the mind with many conditions being mild such as emotional well-being and issues that affect the ability to live a full and creative life without assistance or medical intervention.

The sites and services listed below include national as well as local support groups and centres as well as family and carer support.  Also find details of housing and a number of publications from some of the UK’s largest and most authoritative mental health service providers.  Sites cover all of  England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Depression support services can be found in the link below.

ABLEize is currently building the U.K.’s largest library of mental health support, advice and services contacts for each and every county as well as offering national advice services such as those below. This is an ongoing process and very time-consuming, please see the specific counties highlighted below to receive dedicated mental health support services in your area. This will be updated at regular periods as this area grows.

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Community Advice and Listening Line is a national mental health advice freephone helpline based in Wales. Site provides information in English and Welsh and includes a dementia helpline, text messaging services and comprehensive range of online resources.

Offers help and assistance to those that are recovering or recovered from mental illness.

Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire mental health support services for children and teens. Information offered in English and Welsh.

A dedicated online resource and support site for children and young people suffering from all aspects of mental health including depression, thoughts of suicide, bullying, family and relationships are much more. They have a dedicated messaging service operating seven days a week.

Assists adults and children with mental health problems. Site offers an A to Z of services and facilities plus publications and contacts.

Welsh charity set up to provide support and guidance to people suffering mental health issues. Site offers emergency contacts, publications and carers help and resources.

A leading UK charity providing confidential support to anybody with emotional and mental health problems. Includes publications and parents helpline.

Provides crises support for adults and children with mental health issues as well as training, volunteer and job opportunities throughout most areas of Essex.

Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and South Lincolnshire Mind offering mental health support, online resources, training and campaigns. All support offers by experienced professionals offering emotional and mental health crisis support.

A national mental health support group offering news, information, advice and a telephone information line to offer support and assistance to anybody with mental health issues.

An introdution to mental health from the NHS. Includes articles and useful links.

Mental health support and advice services in Scotland with office locations in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Offers supported living services, accommodation help and crises support.

One of the UK’s largest mental health charities that aims to recover a better quaility of life for people with severe mental illness.

A comprehensive site offering details about mental health with advice lines and support. Includes a discussion board. Facebook page.

Offers help and support, counselling and services in the York area to people with mental health issues, their families and carers.

Set up to ensure that children and teens have access to mental health support, resources and training. Offers details of events, fundraising and dedicated resources for professionals.