Saturday, June 22, 2024

Mental Health Advice and Support during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

ABLEize is very concerned about the mental health of people in the UK following the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We believe that everybody should have mental health support if needed in a crisis including contacts for telephone, Internet and over the web crisis support during this time. Because of this we have painstakingly built categories for every UK region from Bedfordshire through to Worcestershire and listed recognised and trusted mental health support services so anybody needing Coronavirus (COVID-19) support in areas of depression, suicidal thoughts and fear, isolation and loneliness can still get the vital support they need when they need it.

We have had floods of contacts from distressed individuals reporting that many of the large mental health support organisations are unavailable due to the sheer volume of calls.  For this exact reason we have built what is now the UK’s largest databank of mental health support services so that there is a large selection of contacts to use when finding others unavailable.

Please click on your county highlighted below to find a broad choice of mental health support contacts, online information and resources. Please note that telephone numbers are not included in the organisation’s description as these can change and cause great distress. Please see inside each website for up-to-date and correct telephone numbers.

Please do your bit for those with mental health issues and concerns during this frightened time by forwarding this page of mental health support contacts and spreading it throughout social media resources such as Facebook and Twitter to ensure the UK is able to receive adequate mental health support during this worrying time.

If you offer free UK  confidential mental health support and you are not included in your area list, please email us via the Contact link at the bottom of this page and I will add your service if appropriate.

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Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire mental health support services for children and teens. Information offered in English and Welsh.

Welsh charity set up to provide support and guidance to people suffering mental health issues. Site offers emergency contacts, publications and carers help and resources.

A leading UK charity providing confidential support to anybody with emotional and mental health problems. Includes publications and parents helpline.

Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and South Lincolnshire Mind offering mental health support, online resources, training and campaigns. Office emotional and mental health crisis support. Includes telephone support including Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, depression and thoughts of not being able to cope during these difficult times.

An introdution to mental health from the NHS. Includes articles and useful links.

A comprehensive site offering details about mental health with advice lines and support. Includes a discussion board. Facebook page.

Set up to ensure that children and teens have access to mental health support, resources and training. Offers details of events, fundraising and dedicated resources for professionals.