Thursday, July 7, 2022

Parent Carers Support

Parent carers support and family carers are greatly underestimated and is unquestionably a very much needed service in caring for the disabled and elderly.  Many parents and carers care for their loved ones with little or no support because of their love and compassion. Many do not realise that help and support is out there.  Hopefully this section will if nothing else highlight that parent and carers support and assistance is out there physically, emotionally and financially. ABLEize busy bees have scoured the Internet to find details of local and national parent and carer support groups and services to assist carers of the disabled and elderly.

Please browse through the listings below where you will find a range of online information and resources as well as support contacts, social groups and a host of valuable information offering help, guidance and advice as well as details of how to become a carer or offer your services on a paid or voluntary basis. You may also find local social activities and support groups by searching the ABLEize section covering disabled clubs and groups by County by clicking this link.

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An active parent carers support group campaigning and supporting carers throughout Surrey. Find out about how to get involved, receive help or have your say as well as details for John adult carers.

Information resources highlighted by Bristol City Council providing details of parent and carers support services along with financial information, details of social groups and links of interest.

Christian based organisation offering personal support to carers of the disabled, sick and elderly.

Highlighting a range of help and advice as well as social activities available to carers throughout North Lincolnshire with a range of online information, articles and advice and support contacts.

A voluntary organisation based in Ashford, Kent parents and carers support as well as training, events and newsletters and social contact between carers.

A national parent and carers support organisation providing details of local care groups along with the discussion forum and information about money and benefits and also how to get involved.

Find a range of information, publications and assistance for carers of the disabled and elderly living and working in Darlington. Includes details of monthly meetings and support group activities offering comprehensive parent and carers support.

Providing information and assistance to carers in Devon with comprehensive information online covering all areas of support work including details of local jobs and careers, education and training. Based in Exeter.

A valuable resource in Essex providing parent and carers support services as well as respite breaks and support groups and regular meetings to provide information, advice and support.

Highlighting the parent and carers support services available in and around Merton with details of jobs and volunteering opportunities as well as online information and support contacts.

Offering free confidential advice and information for carers plus newsletters and a searchable database of carers support services located by UK postcode.

Providing extensive and comprehensive parent and carer support services throughout Norfolk and offering a advice telephone number and highlighting a range of social activities and events for parents and carers within the county. Lottery funded.

PACSO established in 1999 support families with a disabled child in the Chichester and Arun districts. Site provides details of their activities and how to give as well as receive assistance and a range of informative links of interest.

Information provided by Hertfordshire County Council concerning parent and carers support services available in the county along with details of local resources and financial information to assist with carers of the elderly and disabled.

Local government information providing details of carers support services throughout Leeds providing details of the 700,000 unpaid carers in the area with information and contacts about how to get support for parents, family members and young carers of the disabled and elderly.

Warwickshire County Council website highlighting a range of parent and carers support services with telephone contacts assistance of a number of fact sheets with specific information relating to Warwickshire for carers and family members.

A registered charity supporting parents and carers with children with disabilities. Side includes details of their support discussion forum as well as local outings and activities and coughing mornings. Provides support contacts and how to get involved.