Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Parkinsons Disease Support and Advice

Sadly Parkinson's disease support groups are very few and far between in the UK, there appears to be plenty within America but listing those in this UK directory would appear pointless. We have found a handful of authoritative Parkinson's disease sites and these are shown below and offer a comprehensive range of information and support services. Normally Ableize does not create such categories as this one but Parkinson's disease is common within the UK so including this section will hopefully highlight the fact that support groups are few and far between and may well encourage localised or even national groups to be founded and hopefully included here to build this valuable support group section. Browse the sites below and click the individual titles to enter the websites for greater details and further information relating to Parkinson's disease support.

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Site offers a detailed explaination of Parkinsons disease, who is at risk and what the symptoms are.

Get fact sheets via a PDF download as well as read about the causes Parkinson’s disease, the definition of “Parkinsonism” testing and investigations.

Official NHS site providing details of the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and posible treatments of Parkinson’s disease. Includes a video clip.

Offers an overview of parkinsons disease with information, facts and medication details along with a discussion forum and related links.

Offers a helpline giving Parkinson’s advice and information plus a range of online information, facts and news.