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Disabled Daily Living Aids

daily living aidsBrowse through this section of ABLEize to find a broad selection of daily living aids for the disabled and elderly to help with everyday tasks such as dressing, cooking and eating that can be made easier by the use of dedicated independent living aids.  Also find support rails for greater safety in and around the house including the bathroom and toilet.

Daily living aids covers a broad spectrum of disability, mobility and health aids that assist with the daily living needs of the disabled, elderly and mobility impaired, as well as those mentioned above the aids can include dressing, seating, walking and toilet aids as well as cooking and eating aids plus chairs and clothes all designed to make life easier for the disabled person, their family and carers to achieve greater independent living.

Browse through the sites and categories below in this busy section and click on the individual titles to view a broad selection of useful daily living aids for the disabled and elderly for greater independence.

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Tenura daily living aids can help people with limited strength and grip to maintain independent living. Suitable for use all around the home, kitchen, office and clinic. Providing enhanced grip on dry, smooth and slippery surfaces including tables, worktops, trays and handles. Tenuras main range of products are produced from silicone with no harmful chemicals as well as being durable, machine washable and auto-clave safe up to 250°C. See the full range via their website.

Feb 01, 2018