Friday, November 16, 2018

Accessible Disabled Attractions and Locations

Planning before visiting an accessible attraction when you have a disability, especially a mobility impairment is automatic as many attractions are not (or cannot be) as accessible as we would like.  However, more and more locations are gradually becoming more accessible for people with disabilities and mobility problems such as wheelchair users and the blind.

We have built this Accessible Disabled Attractions section of ABLEize to assist you in finding great places to visit that are accessible to your needs by highlights some of the larger or more popular attractions worth visiting and also details of attractions that provide greater levels of accessibility for all.  In most cases we has listed the accessible page of the site concerned to save you clicking through looking for these sometimes buried pages.

Browse the accessible attractions below to find details of some of the best places to visit in the UK with full details about access for wheelchair users, those with special needs, hearing and vision impairments.  If you found this list of accessible and disabled friendly attractions useful, please help us by sharing this page with a friend by clicking the link below.

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Blackpool Zoo

Offers high levels of accessibility to visitors with disabilities with all areas within the grounds and buildings being accessible to those in wheelchairs.

Sep 29, 2010