Sunday, March 18, 2018

Airport Access for Disabled Travel

Airport disabled accessDisabled people especially wheelchair users, the blind and vision impaired need to be fully informed about airport access and accessibility, issues such as disabled WC’s, where and how to get assistance, help with boarding the aircraft and a range of other access issues that the non-disabled take for granted. This section provides details of disabled airport access and accessibility plus facilities offered at UK airports for all people with special needs.

Sites listed below provide details of wheelchair access and assistance for the less mobile traveler and holiday maker, how to get that valuable assistance with boarding, assistance contacts and how to get help booking in and getting on and off the aircraft plus blind, deaf and special needs services. The main UK airports are listed below. Speaking from experience I would say that the best advice for disabled travelers within airports is not to assume that help will be at hand even if you have pre-booked it, the golden rule is ask, ask and ask again and don’t be afraid to chase up your booked assistance.

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Luton Airport Disabled Facilities

Providing invaluable information and tips for disabled and special needs travellers using Luton airport.