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Disabled Services and Support in Ireland

Disability IrelandThis Irish disability and mobility directory section of ABLEize highlights disability, health and mobility information, sales and services available throughout Ireland and is the busiest disability directory for Southern and Northern Ireland. Find information and advice sites located in or serving Ireland and Northern Ireland listed here including Irish care and support, disabled arts and sports plus mobility and walking aids and disabled access information and support as well as a host of Irish children’s and disability charities and services related to health and disability.

ABLEize is a powerful web sales and promotion tool and this Irish disability and mobility directory provides some of the best web promotional opportunities for your Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland products and services. if you would like to see your Irish-based website listed here to increase hits as well as the popularity of your site and any social media pages that you may have please select the best category to meet your needs and then click the Submit Your Site button at the top of this page.

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Equality Act 2010 Disabled Audit

Comply with the disabled access requirements of the DDA and the Equality Act 2010 by reasonable and cost effective means.

Oct 11, 2010