Thursday, December 13, 2018

Artists with a Disability

This area of the ABLEize provides details of artists with a disability including foot and mouth painters along with information about their work, their profiles and examples of their art.  Also includes writers, musicians, singers and comedians with a disability Typical sites highlight the work of blind and mouth and foot painting artists and male and female comedians, singer song writers and more along with details of how they work, their disabilities and the amazing results achieved.

Browse this ABLEize section to find a varied selection of artists with disabilities including worldwide disabled artists and their personal websites and social media pages as well as details of their work, how to purchase items such as paintings, sculptures and various works of art made or designed by disabled artists.

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Tanya Raabe-Webber

Wheelchair user born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire with details of her paintings including Sir Bert Massie CBE, former chair of the Disability Rights Commission. Site includes details of her life as a disabled artists, awards and visual arts work.

Feb 13, 2017