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Disabled and Special Needs Education

Disabled special needs educationThis section of ABLEize  provides the largest Internet resource of disabled and special needs education. Browse through the categories and sites listed below to find disabled education, schools and colleges, private tuition and training courses for adults and children with disabilities and special needs listed in this busy area of ABLEize. The disabled education sites listed here include a broad selection of schools for all disabilities including autistic disorders, blind and visually impaired, deaf and hearing impaired and a whole host of special needs education including catering for wheelchair users.

Please browse through the various categories and sites shown below along with a mixed selection of disabled education resources such as schools and colleges, disabled student allowances, private training, speech therapy and much more.

ABLEize is  the largest promoter of disabled and special needs education including schools and colleges offering SEN education, if you would like to receive greater coverage of your website along with increased popularity please click the “Submit Your Site” link above for details of our very favourable terms and how to promote your disabled and special needs education site and any Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages to a wider UK audience.

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Add-Venture in Learning

A membership organisation set up by tutors and students to provide life long learing and education for disabled people.

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