Friday, January 18, 2019

Disabled support clubs, groups and associations in Leeds

Find Leeds based disabled and special needs groups and clubs for this area of West Yorkshire including wheelchair users clubs and groups, stroke clubs social clubs, deaf, blind, amputee, autistic spectrum, cerebral Palsy, learning difficulties, head injury etc located throughout areas of Leeds. Please feel free to submit your Leeds based disability related club or support group here.

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A drop-in social group dedicated to supporting and providing social activities and outings to anybody with mental health issues. Site highlights future events and meeting dates.

Located in Leeds and providing parents and family support to anybody that has a child with a autistic spectrum condition. Site provides details of regular meetings along with contacts and online resources addressing all areas of autism.

A volunteer run group in Leeds providing a voice for people with learning disabilities. Includes details of their drop in centre and parents support resources.

Part of Diabetes UK offering support and voluntary run services in Leeds and surrounding West Yorkshire areas for people with diabetes. Includes contacts and details of local meetings.

A patient self-help network for people with ME/CFS in Leeds and surrounding parts of Yorkshire.

Dedicated to providing support services to people in Leeds with mental health issues. View publications, support service contacts and details of social activities and employment opportunities.

An active support group set up and run by parents of children with special needs and learning disabilities. Site offers details of their Leeds-based activities, regular events and how to make contact.

Assisting and offering advice to people with learning difficulties and disabilities in and around Leeds West Yorkshire. Includes contact details and how to get involved.

Highlights learning disability services and organisations offered throughout Leeds.

A charity offering music activities for children with learning difficulties. Includes contact details and how to get involved. Leeds based.