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Disability Books and Publications

This news and media section of ABLEize provides details of books and publications on a range of disability subjects including mobility and health.  A selection of books and publications available can be found by browsing through the listings located below.  Find offering a range of books and publications relating to or about disability, includes special needs books, ADHD books and general disability publications available either to download or to purchase online including publications for the visually impaired as well as big print TV and radio guides.

If you are a publisher of a book and want to promote your publication to the world then ABLEize is your ideal platform that provides high-volume hits at a fraction of the cost of many lower quality disability resources. Check out our low-cost listing fees to promote your books and publications to the world by clicking the Submit Your Site button above and get your website and any Facebook and Twitter pages promoted to the world. Trust ABLEize we have disability covered!

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Emma and I

Emma and I

A gripping read that tells the amazing true story of Sheila Hocken and her guide dog Emma. One of those books that you will just want to tell everybody above. Emma and I a truly inspirational story of the unique bond between Sheila and her dog with an amazing true life twist that proves sometimes, miracles do happen.

Emma and I
Dec 24, 2017