Friday, February 22, 2019

Disabled Employment Training

This section of ABLEize is dedicated to offering you information about disabled employment training options and services supplied by number of successful and worthy causes.  Browse the sites below to find information about job and employment training and tuition for the disabled in all areas of employment including returning to work after becoming disabled as well as training courses for people of all disabilities and special needs.

It is difficult in today’s world to gain meaningful employment and having a disability can mean that the odds are stacked against you but the many organisations listed below have direct contact with companies that understand and acknowledge the benefits of employing a disabled person such as a greater degree of dedication as well as the fact that disabled people are known to take fewer days off work than the non-disabled. Make contact with your chosen organisation below to start your disabled employment training for a new career.

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Birmingham Disabled Employment Solutions

If you live in or around Birmingham this site provides extensive information about job searching, training and support to meet your future employment needs as a disabled person.