Friday, January 18, 2019

Disabled Children’s Health Directory

This busy section of ABLEize provides a comprehensive collection of sites and services for disabled as well as non-disabled children and families and offers advice and information on common health issues and illnesses including behavioral problems, bed-wetting, colds, flu and other conditions as well as ADHD and a range of disabled and special needs information and help including personal sites of the families with a disabled child including related children’s health issues. It also includes general children’s health information, resources and advice as well as details of where to receive help if required.

Also see the related categories below including details of multi sensory play therapy, vaccination and immunisation details as well as special needs toys and games and specialised children’s hospitals. Other information can be found within our main disabled children section.  If you found this disabled children’s health directory section of ABLEize useful please click the button below to send this page to others that may also benefit.

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Kiddy Zone

Kiddy Zone

An online UK directory providing information, resources and contacts for children's parties, days out and a range of fun activities. Also lists local groups by age.

Kiddy Zone
Apr 20, 2018