Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Transfer Hoists and Slings

Find hoists and slings for wheelchair and bed bound patient transfer as well as lifting hoists and slings from trusted suppliers promoted in this area of ABLEize.  Items include lightweight mobile hoists, ceiling secured lifting hoists and slings along with patient handling video clips to help carers perform safer patient transfer.

Patient and wheelchair transfer hoists come in all shapes and sizes, ensuring the exact patient requirements are met is important, it is advisable to seek independent advice before purchasing any mobile, ceiling or overhead gantry hoists to ensure safe and secure transfer.  Sites listed in this section can offer assistance in choosing the right device as well as assisting with hoist purchase.

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Specialises in the supply and installation of disabled ceiling hoists and lifting devices. View examples, sling options and contacts. Handy for transfer from wheelchair to bed, WC or home seating.

Nov 24, 2010