Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dispute Mediation Services

Family and disability dispute mediationFind mediation services to help resolve issues, disputes and arguments in all walks of life including family, employment, disability and special needs mediation in this section of ABLEize. Dispute mediation is an effective way to calmly resolve disputes without the need and expense of involving lawyers or going to court.

Most issues can be resolved with the help of an independent third party known as “a mediator” who will help both sides see each other point and come to an agreement without arguments, this can be in the workplace, family disputes or in any other area of life. Find more information along with dispute mediator contacts by browsing the sites and services below.

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Institute for Employment Studies

Highlights the benefits of using dispute mediation services to resolve workplace conflicts. Site includes publications and details of the strengths and weaknesses and the importance of mediation training undertaken by providers.