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Sports and Recreation for the Disabled and Special Needs

Disability SportsThis busy and ever-growing section of ABLEize is undoubtedly the largest disabled recreation and disability sports resource on the Internet, many have built similar resources but don’t quite come up to scratch to this area which has been growing since 2006 and added to on a regular basis. Browse through the disabled and special needs recreation and sports categories below where you will find a whole range of sports to suit all disabilities.

Disabled sport is a large and important area of ABLEize covering an ever growing selection of sports for the disabled and special needs including recreational hobby sites of interest, sporting sites and information for the disabled sportsmen and woman. All sounds a mouthful but this category provides the largest collection of disability and special needs sports information in the UK and Europe.

See the selected sporting categories below, also see Disabled Groups and Clubs listed by UK counties as these areas also contain local disability sports groups such as swimming, horse riding, archery, basketball and many more exciting sports to get involved in and enjoy and who knows maybe even get fitter.

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Wooden Spoon

Children’s charity helping adults and children with a disability take part in the sport of rugby. Based in Hampshire.

Sep 13, 2017