Thursday, October 18, 2018

Support Groups for Cancer Sufferers in Scotland

It is reported that Scotland has one of the highest cancer rates throughout all of Europe with around 26,000 new cases each year, it is for this reason that Ableize has included a separate category dedicated to cancer support groups, activities and fundraising events throughout Scotland. Find sites listed in this section that offer cancer support and advice services as well as those undertaking fundraising events and a host of social activities for long-suffering cancer patients as well as those that have been newly diagnosed.

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A volunteer run scheme that provides free transport for people diagnosed with cancer to get to and from their place of treatment.

Provides emotional support and a range of therapies as well as counselling and fundraising events. Includes contact details, how to be a volunteer and related links of interest.

Details of immunisation programmes in Scotland to help prevent cervical cancer along with a freephone helpline, frequently asked questions and readers stories.

Providing details of the Macmillan Cancer support services in west Scotland with a host of information, resources and fundraising events along with contacts and support group meeting dates.

A government initiative created to ensure that Scottish cancer sufferers receive support and adequate treatment services as well as undertaking cancer research programmes.

Newmilns based support centre and registered charity providing support, members stories and local information.

Raises awareness about breast cancer along with selling products to raise funds towards research and support ventures in Scotland. Facebook page.