Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Stroke Support Groups

Browse through this area of Ableize to find details of UK stroke groups offering support, advice and practical information as well as help and assistance to people, their family members and carers after a stroke. The sites listed here offer a valuable resource to the many UK stroke support groups as well as details of rehabilitation and speech therapy and how to reduce the risk of having a stroke.

There are a great deal more stroke groups located throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but this section promotes only those that have an up and running website, you may find more information and details by contacting the nearest group to you and making further enquiries, see our local clubs and groubs section by clicking this link. In the meantime please search this section to find a stroke support group near you.

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Meets twice a month in Ashby, Leicestershire. View the aims of the club and how to join. Includes helpsheets.

Providing support and guidance to individuals and families affected by stroke as well as available resources and information and volunteer opportunities within Bristol.

Offers regular meetings and get togethers with club events and activities for fellow stroke members. Meets at Cristchurch Community Centre, Croydon.

A registered charity providing a unique, free service to younger stroke survivors throughout the United Kingdom.

Kingswinford based group offering support and information to people suffering a stroke. Includes a 24 hour helpline.

Support group providing a range of information, support and social events to those that have suffered with a stroke in Emsworth Hampshire. Includes contacts.

Meets each Friday in Harlow and offers support, advice and social meetings as well as speech therapy, stroke prevention and a range of activities.

National Lottery funded stroke group with details of events help, newsletters and related stroke links.

An online support and discussion group for those who have suffer a stroke, their family and carers. Registration required to post.

Based in south-east Northumberland and run by a group of stroke victims their family members and carers. Site provides details of their meetings activities, social events and competitions.

A friendly and active group highlighting a range of social activities and events with contact details members images.

Dedicated to providing stroke support and friendship within the Wigan areas of Manchester. Site offers extensive stroke information and facts along with news, events details and contacts.

Bristol-based stroke support group formed in 1981 providing group meetings and leisure activities including swimming, holidays and computer-based activities. Site provides location details and a range of online resources with contacts.

Providing telephone contact details for support along with information about their meetings and numerous social activities as well as fundraising events.