Friday, October 19, 2018

Disabled and Special Needs Employment Mentoring

The employment mentoring and related services offered in this section of ABLEize are specifically aimed at assisting disabled and special needs people including those with a learning disability, autism and mental health issues as well as their carers, family members, organisations and businesses.

Employment entoring services for the disabled are sadly few and far between in the UK but are slowing growing as the benefits can greatly assist with building relationships, maintaining worthwhile employment and learning to socialise and cope with what everyday life has to throw at the disabled individual. Discover the services of a mentor for those with a disability by browsing the resources below.

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Mentoring for People with Disabilities

A professional organisation offering much needed disabled mentoring services to help all disabilities including those with special needs and learning disabilities cope with everyday life, employment and gaining greater social skills. Mentoring is also offered to businesses to greater understand the needs of the disabled in the workplace as well as assisting with the study and access needs of all educational bodies. Check out the website for full details of the mentor services.