Thursday, February 22, 2018

Exercise Equipment to the Disabled

Disabled exercise equipmentBrowse through this busy area of ABLEize to find details of disabled exercise, equipment and therapy aids and information including specifically designed disabled friendly exercise equipment for use by all disabilities including wheelchair users and those of varying disabilities looking to get healthier as well as exercising through keep fit regimes. Find details of lower limb exercises, dumbells, walking and balance training equipment and other disabled related exercise products such as pedal and hand therapy exercise products.

If you are concerned about any exercise or keep fit program or equipment as a disabled person, it would always best to consult with your doctor to find which exercises are best or safest for your needs. Click the Submit Your Site button located above if you have a disabled exercise equipment site or service that you would like to see promoted in this powerful area of Ableize and take advantage of our very low fees to promote your website and any related Facebook and Twitter pages to the disabled community. Ableize has disability covered, why not join us and promote yourself to the world.

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Gyms are ‘no-go zones’ for Disabled People

An interesting article provided by the Guardian online newspaper highlighting the issues of poor access to disabled exercise equipment within gyms within the UK. The article includes a survey of 300 UK leisure facilities.