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Weight Loss for the Disabled and Less Mobile

This section of ABLEize provides details of diet and weight loss for people with disabilities or wheelchair users. It may seem that dieting is the same for everybody but it needs to remembered that exercise is often more difficult for people with disabilities, especially wheelchair users and therefore extra dietary advice or assistance may be needed. Browse the sites listed here providing diet and weight loss for the disabled person wishing or needing to diet or lose a few pounds in weight. Disabled and the less mobile often struggle with weight loss and diets due to not being able to do normal the excessive exercises or they could have gained weight through the need to take steroids and other medication.

While there are few resources geared directly at weight loss for those with disabilities, the following sites may offer assistance with planning successful diets or weight loss programmes. ABLEize provides exceptional web promotion to providers of diet and weight loss products and services, to take advantage of this simply click the Submit Your Site link at the top of this page to find details of our very competitive Internet promotion fees to highlight your website and any Facebook and Twitter pages to the world.

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