Friday, February 23, 2018

Bipolar and Depression Support

Bipolar and depression and conditions that involve a great deal more than simply feeling unhappy or fed up now and then, most of the population have these things from time to time. Severe depression or bipolar sufferers usually have a feeling of deep sadness, hopelessness and in most cases lose interest in things that they used to enjoy with symptoms including continuous sadness, feeling helpless and hopeless and having a low self-esteem and can include having suicidal thoughts or self harming actions.

This area of Ableize is designed to provide a comprehensive selection of sites and organisations offering depression support and self-help groups offering confidential help and advice as well as group meetings and therapies aimed at assisting those suffering from depression.

It is estimated that one in five people in the UK suffer from varying degrees of depression at sometime in their lives so you are certainly not alone and help is available, your first step is to reach out to receive that help. The websites listed below are listed to assist you and your family to overcome, understand or live with all forms of depression and bipolar.

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Depression Alliance

A comprehensive site offering free information packs along with help and advice sections, living with depression articles and details of treatments to overcome all forms of depression.