Thursday, July 7, 2022

Osteoporosis Support Groups

UK osteoporosis support groups.  Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the bones, making the bones weaker increasing the risk of fractures or breaks. Researchers found that osteoporosis is most common in women after menopause and there are varying degrees including type I and type II osteoporosis. ABLEize has scoured the Internet to find the most valuable osteoporosis support groups and information sites and placed them all in one location here you to browse through.

Find osteoporosis support groups as well as self-help groups offering help, advice and information for sufferers of osteoporosis , their family members and carers and also details of exercise classes and members stories.

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The official Age UK site offering full details of osteoporosis including the symptoms, best exercises to undertake and how to be aware of the risks. Also includes details of prescription medications.

A world-wide organisation providing research, training courses and campaigns in all areas of osteoporosis. Site includes details of the condition with data, publications and much more.

Registered osteoporosis charity established in 1992 providing a national support helpline with local support group meetings in Dorset. Site offers news, information and links of interest.

An online support group for Osteoporosis sufferers and their family where you can read related posts or ask questions. Requires registration to post.

Affiliated to The National Osteoporosis Society offering details of local meetings, exercise classes and coffee mornings. Includes telephone contact details and information about their support group activities. Birmingham.

Swindon Osteoporosis Support provides information and support to anybody with osteoporosis in and around Swindon in Wiltshire. Includes details of meetings, events and exercise classes and offers a telephone and email support service.