Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bladder Control Treatment and Exercises

Most people have bladder control problems (aka. urinary incontinence) at some time or other in their life, this is most certainly not just a disability thing, weak bladders and a lack of bladder control can happen to the disabled and non-disabled. It is reported that the UK alone has 6 million adults that are unable to control their bladders as they would wish.

This section is designed to offer bladder control advice, support and products such as clothes advice, treatment details and information that may offer help and assistance with a number of bladder control measures and assisting with a range of often embarrassing urinary incontinence issues.

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Guide to Bladder Control

Advice, information and product details from the Continence Foundation to assist with weak bladders and bladder control. Includes publications and treatments.

Aug 09, 2008