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Foot Care Advice, Products and Services

foot carehealthy feet and foot care is important to all of us.  Our feet are often thought of as unimportant but many foot related problems such as infections, diseases and conditions, lymphoedema, corns calluses and verrucae’s need attention.  These any many other foot problems can be vital to the health of many people including diabetics that need to take special care of their feet as well as many disabled people that may have little or no sensation in the feet such as spinal injury etc.

This section offers details of sites offering help, advice and services for those with foot problems and how to make sure you have healthy feet. You should also give great consideration to your footwear, choosing the wrong shoes can often cause a multitude of foot problems. Browse through the sites listed in this busy area of ABLEize to find important information to maintain foot care and healthy feet.

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Bunion information, treatment tips and an overview of the symptoms from Mr Ian Reilly, Bupa consultant and podiatric surgeon. Includes self-help tips and explains the causes of bunions and how to prevent them.

An NHS Choices introduction to athletes foot with symptom details, images and the details of recommended treatments. Includes details of preventing athlete’s foot.

Information provided by Cambridge Hospital on how to look after your feet, footware advice and how to prevent infections of the foot. General information site that is applicable to all of us with special information and guides for people with poor circulation or diabetes.

Official advice from Diabetes UK about the importance of looking after your feet if you have diabetes. Includes 10 vital steps to prevent foot problems and everyday tips including taking care when cutting your nails.

Details of a range of foot conditions and problems with advice and product sales to help maintain healthy feet. This is a one-stop site that should be viewed by anybody with concerns about the health of their feet, also includes a discussion forum and a list of current foot conditions.

A detailed spinal injury guide to looking after your feet, choosing the right footwear, autonomic dysreflexia, infections and much more. Includes fact sheets in a number of languages.

Offers a full and detailed description of lymphoedema with help and support. Site includes information for anybody recently diagnoses along with FAQ, self-help videos and a range of useful articles.

Official advice and information from the NHS on how to care for your feet when you have diabetes. This site provides a general video about diabetes and highlights the importance of looking after your feet and offers a range of useful links including details of bunions and other foot care advice.

Information and advice from the NHS with healthy feet tips, details of the most common causes of swollen feet and ankles and tips for reducing the swelling. Includes details of how to heck if you have oedema.

Provides a range of foot care information and healthy feet advice with podiatry news, find a podiatrist and publications about looking after your feet as well as future conferences.

Details of a healthy feet practice in Kings, Lynn. View foot conditions and the treatment offered along with frequently asked questions about general foot care along with advice and a list of foot conditions and how to keep your feet healthy.