Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Spina Bifida Support Groups

Spina bifida loosely translates to “split spine” it is a condition that affects newly born children where the spinal cord is not developed completely and results in varying degrees of paralysis and the loss of sensation to the lower limbs depending on the severity of the condition. The information sites listed in this spina bifida support group section provides an extended description and in far greater detail than Ableize can offer. Please browse through the sites below where you will find details of the condition along with support in the UK and Ireland, fundraising information, family support and also telephone contacts more information.

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Spina Bifida Association

A non-UK sites providing excellent information as well as an educational resource for people learning about spina bifida along with downloads, resources and personal stories. Includes spina bifida support sections.

Sep 12, 2017