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Sport and Sporting Facilities for the Deaf

This busy section of ABLEize provides details of sports for the deaf and hearing impaired and includes social clubs and sporting facilities and information related to deaf and hearing impaired sport in the UK. If you want to get into deaf sport, there are people out there waiting to help. So check out our sites listed below and located in other areas of ABLEize and get in on the action.

Discover sports such as deaf football, fishing, golf and tennis and deaf basketball, chess and many other day to day sporting activities that involve a mixture of deaf and non-deaf players. Also check out our dedicated local clubs and resources where you might find details of related death sports or other recreational opportunities.

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British Deaf Football

The official site for deaf football in the UK highlighting men's and woman's teams. Site offers deaf football news, results and details of how to get involved.

Deaf Basketball UK

The UK governing body for deaf basketball providing details of local clubs and training opportunities along with information about sponsorship and how to get involved in the sport.

Deaf International Basketball Federation

View the latest news for the sport with video clips, history of deaf basketball and a calendar of events.


Offers a list of the sports played, results and updated deaf sports news along with video clips and sites of interest.

England Deaf Football

Details and the rules of deaf football with team details, results and how to get involved.

England Deaf Rugby

Based in Cambridge and providing details of the England Deaf Rugby Union along with match reports, video clips and a discussion forum. Highlights both men's and women's squads along with how to get involved.

English Deaf Chess Association

Promotes chess for deaf and non-deaf players. Details of events, locations and how to get involved.

European Deaf Sport Organization

Providing information, news and resources in all areas of deaf sports throughout the UK and Europe. Highlights recent and future events and competitions as well as details of deaf sports clubs covering a whole range of activities.

Fulham Deaf Football Club

Details of this busy Fulham football club dedicated to playing and promoting deaf football. Check out match details and results with joining information.

GB Deaf Badminton

Dedicated to representing deaf badminton and also offering training weekends for deaf players of any ability. Site provides details of future events in tournaments both in the UK and internationally along with an events calendar and contacts for more information.

Great Britain Deaf Swimming Club

The official home of deaf swimming in the UK providing details of their squads along with GB deaf records, results and fundraising activities. Check out the site for images and news and details of how to get involved.

Leicester Deaf Sports and Social Club

Highlights sports and social club facilities for the deaf and hearing impaired in Leicester and Leicestershire. Includes events details and how to join in.

London Deaf Chess Club

A friendly London SW1 club for deaf chess players. Details of past and future games, history of the club and how to join.

Norwich and Norfolk Deaf Social and Sport Club

Offers a list of events and sporting activites taking place and how to join.

Nottingham Deaf FC

A football club in Nottingham dedicated to the death founded in 1908. Site offers match details, images and a discussion forum with details of how to join.

Scottish Deaf International Rugby Team

A successful and respected rugby club made up of deaf and hearing impaired players. Site offers fixtures and results, details of the squad and information about how to qualify.

The English Deaf Squash Association (EDSA)

Providing details of squash for deaf players including world Championships and local UK events. Site also provides details of training dates and venues and links of interest.

UK Deaf Sport

The official deaf sports site with details of the Deaflympics plus links to clubs and organisations across the UK.

UK Deaf Table Tennis Association

The number one site for table tennis for the deaf and hearing impaired in the UK. View video clips and a calendar of future events along with training information and sponsorship opportunities.

Wales Deaf Rugby Union

Providing details of deaf rugby in Wales along with team information and reports, results and news along with how to get involved in the most popular sport in Wales if you are deaf.

Watford Deaf Sports and Social Club

Holds a range of events at the Harebreaks Centre in North Watford. Offers sign language tuition on a monthly basis.

Yorkshire Deaf Sports Council

Dedicated to promoting deaf sports in the UK by holding a number of fund raising activities and highlighting indoor and outdoor sports events throughout the UK.