Friday, October 19, 2018

Cancer Support

The UK has a great deal of Cancer support charity organisations and far more than are promoted in this section of Ableize, the following sites are a collection of hand-picked sites that we believe will offer valuable information, support and general all-round resources to anybody with cancer as well as their family and friends. Find a range of support groups offering advice, information and family assistance for men and women suffering from cancer. Includes counsellors and psychotherapists services, charities and support groups.

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Believed to be the U.K.’s leading cancer specialists providing information about all forms of cancer along with treatment details, support and news as well as recommended books of interest.

Swansea based charity support group with details of support locations and how to get in touch.

A support group for children suffering from cancer in the areas of Merseyside, the Wirral, West Cheshire in North Wales.

UK charity offering help and support to people with cancer. Includes, advice, information and fundraising details.

A support network for people suffering with ovarian cancer. Offers details of this type of cancer with news, articles and resources.

A a registered charity that offers support to those with cancer as well as supporting health care professionals. Includes telephone contact and drop in services near Clapham Junction.

Set up to offer help, support and information and offering online information, facts and FAQ and a UK telephone helpline.

An informative website providing support and prostate cancer information along with details of current and ongoing research, questions and answers and a dedicated freephone line to speak to specialist nurses.

Providing a drop-in centre and 24-hour helpline support to people diagnosed with cancer living in Merseyside.

Offers care, treatments and help for patient suffering with a range of cancer conditions. Also includes patients stories along with a UK telephone helpline and donation details.

An organisation providing free holidays for young people suffering with cancer and other life threatening conditions.